Sunday, June 22, 2008

Toyota Prius 2008 Review

The Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric middle size car. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the 2008 Prius is the most fuel efficient car sold in the USA

The Prius ranks solidly in the middle of the pack when considered as a hybrid or as a midsize sedan. The Prius's ranking is based on its industry-leading fuel economy, combined with a spacious interior and a standard equipment package that make it competitive as a midsize car, not just a hybrid. In May 2008, worldwide cumulative sales of the Toyota Prius passed 1 million. The Prius is sold in more than 40 countries and regions, with its largest markets being those of Japan and the US.

The press sees the 2008 Toyota Prius as both a technological marvel that achieves better fuel efficiency than nearly any other vehicle every built, and as an average middle sized family car.

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